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Our Line Of Chests | Designer Chests

Our Line of Designer Chests

To help you match your taste, color scheme and storage needs the Designer Chests are available in a variety of sizes, all of which are available in White, Beige, Gray, Butter Creme and Oat.

Designer Chests Model 627

Model 627


70″ Wide x 25 3/4″ Deep x 29″ Tall

Designer Chests Model 500 ST

 Model 500 ST


50″ Wide x 29″ Deep x 25″ Tall

525Model 525


60″ Wide x 29″ Deep x 25″ Tall

Designer Chests Model 551

 Mode 551 

With Optional Hasp, White

51″ Wide x 35″ Deep x 31″ Tall 

Designer Chests model 427Model 427 


53″ Wide x 26″ Deep x 26 3/4″ Tall


 Model 600 ST

With Optional Hasp, Grey

72″ Wide x 29″ Deep x 29″ Tall